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Vicki's thoughts about her work

artist at work
As an artist I am regularly out with my camera, and when I can I also sketch. My eyes are permanently on the lookout for inspirational compositions. Changing colours and light fractions have a huge impact on my visual experiences and artistic inspirations. I am constantly stretching my boundaries and experimenting with colour and form. In the future I hope to start running some art workshops in my local area, to help inspire others to have a love and passion for art. Painting can be a great let out for expressing one self, self satisfaction and healing.

Artists who influence my work

Artists who have influenced me in colour and design include Turner, for his skies. The impressionists, for their colours and varying brushstrokes. John Piper for his bold paintings and strong marks. Kiffin Williams and his love of black-and-white charcoal and paintings. Henry Moore sketches and David Hockney's bigger pictures. I believe we can take away a pinch of other artists influence. However what makes me an artist comes from my heart, my eyes and my all.